Draw Science is now part of Explica Labs. Still want a graphic from us? Hit us up here.

Our Story

"Put the art in article." Draw Science was founded to connect the world with cutting-edge research, in an accessible & entertaining medium. What started as a blog run by a high school kid grew into an internationally crowdfunded campaign to revolutionize science communication.

In the last brief two years, we hope we did that. With our work often featured on sites like VICE & Newsweek, our science infographics have amassed over 3 million views. More importantly, we've spread our vision around the world: from the Lindau-Nobel Conferences in Germany to our feature interview on Forbes.

This week, our team will join Explica, managing the content partnership wing, known as Explica Labs. If you're ever looking for any sort of science visualization, get in touch with us here.